Person pressure-washing sidewalk with a few shrubs in the foreground of the photo

As soon as we know it, Spring will return to Southern California, with much more moderate temperatures and a peak into the summer we’ll have in 2023. Properties and their HOAs may look at what is next to prioritize in their budget to increase the value of their property while also making living conditions better for current tenants.

Some HOAs may hire an inspector to walk the premises and flag things that need to be attended to by maintenance staff. For example, water could accumulate inside drainpipes and downspouts, resulting in clogs, leaks, and cracks. Or if your property has a swimming pool

Weather conditions in the winter can also result in accumulated dirt and debris. Spring is the perfect time to perform power-washing for all exposed surfaces, such as pool decks, sidewalks, tennis courts, and stained walls. You cannot wash off this accumulated dirt with an ordinary garden hose. If you hire a company like Green Group with specialized equipment like a high-pressure watering system, you can see how much of your property can transform after a single service.

Finally, once everything has been cleaned, it’s time to restore the plants to their former condition. You must reseed lawns, perennial plants in flowerbeds need a new topsoil cover, and sprinklers must be up and running. Are you ready to be ahead of schedule and start your property’s maintenance task? Let Green Group help and suggest a free plan.

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